Why should I apply on Planted?

Planted is a talent platform, connecting job seekers to awesome non-technical jobs at high growth companies and startups. We’ll you send personalized job batches and make sure you know about the coolest opportunities, whether you’re looking to get your foot in the door or looking to make a career switch down the line.  Think of us as your job search wingman, since applying through Planted comes with its perks:

We’ll be your in 👯

We love our partner companies, and they love us.  Hiring managers trust us to send over our best and brightest, so you have a better chance of your resume actually getting into the right hands. Plus, no cover letter? Win win.

We have the inside scoop 🍨

We think you deserve all the support you can get, every step of the way.  We’ll be here to go over your resume, help you prep for interviews, and even chat through your salary negotiation if you need us. We have a few tips up our sleeves.

We’ve got a bonus with your name on it 💰

Did we mention using Planted is 100% free? And that when you get hired, you’ll get $100 sent your way? And that if you refer friends who get hired, you’ll get another bonus? How you choose to celebrate your new gig is up to you.

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