What does a good Q&A look like?

We read hundreds of Q&A on the platform every day, which means we get to see first hand what works (and what doesn’t). Since we utilize these short answer questions in place of a traditional cover letter, they’re your time to shine -- and can truly make or break your chances of getting hired for your dream job. While we can’t build it for you, we can give you a kick*ss foundation. Check out these Q&A best practices!  

A little positivity goes a long way - Show the hiring manager you’re excited and interested in the opportunity to be a part of their mission and vision. Use a lively, energetic tone and a positive attitude. Let your personality shine!

Google that sh*t - Do your research. Many hiring managers will pass on candidates if they don’t know what the company does or doesn’t seem interested enough (can you blame ‘em?). If they ask you to describe what they do, make sure to go above and beyond -- state something more than just their “one liner” that makes it clear you put in the work. They want to know you’re into their idea and passionate about what they do, not just regurgitating one line from their website.

Show not tell - Hiring managers aren’t only interested in what you did, but more importantly, how you did it! This shows them you’ve internalized your experience, know how to recreate it, and can transfer those skills to another role. Showing a real life application of these skills in previous work is way more compelling than simply saying you know how to do something.

Don’t let anything slip through the cracks - Make sure you aren’t ignoring a part of the prompt. Think of it as a checklist, and make sure you’ve hit everything they ask about so hiring managers know you’re being thorough and paying attention to detail.  Even if you don’t have direct experience, tell a story about how your tangential skills can be transferable -- hiring managers LOVE a good story.

Spell check! Spell check! Spell check! - This is a biggie, ya’ll, and should go without saying. The MAJORITY of hiring managers will pass on a candidate if there are typos and improper grammar usage (this goes for resumes, too!). The easiest way to ensure you won’t get a job is to turn in something that hasn’t been proofread.

Work it! - We’ve thrown out the old school cover letter and established a new classic, so take advantage. Be creative! Be sassy! Be punny! But most importantly, be you! Hiring managers weigh the Q&A heavily in the process and will even interview candidates solely based on their answers, regardless of your experience! How you answer their prompts is crucial, especially for entry and or mid-level roles.

Record a sound bite, yo - This is a really great way for hiring managers to get to know you before meeting you. It’s super important for client-facing roles with high application volume, like Customer Service and Sales, so you can tell them exactly what sets you apart from the (literal) crowd. Show hiring managers you’re a rockstar with written and verbal communication.

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