What happens next after I apply to a Planted Partner job?

Want to know more about your current job app status? Check out these quick explanations! You can always reference the status of your application in the Applied section of your account.

In Review: This is the first stage after you apply to a Partner job on Planted.

  • Applied means you have submitted your application and just need to sit tight until we send over the next steps. Don’t worry we’ll send you the next steps soon!
  • Complete Q&A means you applied and have received some questions to answer! This will give the company (and you!) a better idea if the job’s a good fit. The faster you fill them out, the sooner your application can be reviewed, and the better your chances of moving forward. You can edit these answers anytime before we send your application to the company!
  • Planted Reviewing means your resume and Q&A is currently under review and you'll hear back shortly about whether your application will be moving forward. During this time you can review and edit your Q&A before we make a decision on your application.
  • Applications Paused means the company is currently not accepting new applicants. When the company gives us the green light, your application will be reviewed and you'll hear back shortly about next steps!

In Play: Once your application is sent to the company, you're officially "In Play."

  • Sent to Company! means we think you’d be a perfect fit for the role and have fast-tracked your resume straight to the hiring manager. When Planted sends your resume to a company, we guarantee the hiring manager will review it. No more getting stuck in job app purgatory!
  • Interviewing means the company thinks you’d be a good fit and has requested an interview with you. You’ll receive an email from the hiring manager on a secure Planted thread. In the rare case that the company reaches out separately, just keep us in the loop!
  • Offered means you received an offer from the company, congrats! Check out the details and let us know what you think.
  • Hired means you’ve officially accepted an offer from the company. If you let us know by clicking the “I Got Hired” button within 12 hours of accepting, we’ll throw in $100 just for getting hired through Planted to a direct hire or trial to perm role.

Not In Play: If your application is in this group, it's no longer active.

  • Job Not a Fit means a Planted team member determined the company is looking for a different skillset, experience level, or background for the particular role. If you disagree, feel free to apply directly once your application is no longer active!
  • Company Passed means the hiring manager at the company decided the role wasn’t a match after reviewing your resume or during the interview process.
  • No Longer Available means the company is no longer accepting applicants, usually because they've filled the role.


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