What is Planted? Is Planted for me?

Planted is a talent platform that connects people to non-technical positions at high-growth companies, including startups. We use a special job batch system that means you'll get jobs every day to apply to. We'll help you stay on top of your job search, even on your busiest days!

If you're a job-seeker interested in working for a startup, but don't have a design or coding background, Planted is for you! Our Partner jobs are best for people with 0-10 years of work experience, but if you're more experienced than that, you'll receive Out of Network positions that are great for anyone with up to 15 years of experience.

We're your reliable job search wingman, so whether you're:

  • a student looking for internship opportunities,
  • a recent grad who doesn't know where to begin looking for a job,
  • a couple years down the corporate path and having second thoughts, or
  • a seasoned professional looking for their next challenge--

sign up and start finding opportunities where you can help build something from the ground up!

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