How does Planted work?

Here’s how it works:

  1. You sign up. Setting up your account takes 3 minutes, and we never charge candidates. Plus, your account is totally private, so your job search status is safe with us.
  2. We do the heavy lifting. Each day, we find 3-5 non-technical startup jobs just for you and send them over. 
  3. You find jobs you love. Let us know by clicking one button, and we'll send you instructions to apply. If you're busy with work, don't worry--they'll be waiting in your inbox for when you have time! If the job happens to be a Partner job (which means we work directly with the company), you can even apply with one click!

Finding a job shouldn’t be one. We take the stress out of the job search by ensuring that every day can be part of your job search, and helping you discover opportunities at fast-growing companies where you’ll be sure to make an impact.

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