How to Generate Your Partner API Key

Important note: Only users who have the advanced "Can manage ALL organization's API credentials" permission in Greenhouse can generate Partner API keys.

To generate a Partner API key for Planted:

  1. Head over to the API Credential Management page in your Greenhouse account.


     2. On the API Credential Management page, click the Create New API Key button

     3. In the Create new credential modal:

    • In the Description field, type Planted.
    • From the Type drop-down menu, select Partner.
    • From the Client Application drop-down menu, select Planted.
    • After you finish filling out these details, click Create.


     4. This will create a new API key for Planted, which you will find in the list below any other Job
         Board API keys you may have previously created.



To authenticate your Greenhouse/Planted Integration:

  1. Copy the API Key from your Greenhouse account.
  2. Head back to the ATS Integrations page on Planted and paste the API Key in the appropriate field.
  3. Enter the email address listed under Created by and save it to your Planted account
  4. Once you’ve saved both the Partner API and Greenhouse User Email Address in Planted (you can also choose to add your Job Board Token at this time), click Connect and we’ll check your authentication credentials.
  5. After Greenhouse is successfully connected with Planted, you’ll need to connect your existing Planted jobs to their corresponding Greenhouse jobs to sync candidate data and statuses.


Need help?

For Greenhouse/Planted integration troubleshooting assistance, reach out to our support team during east coast business hours at or email


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