How to Find Your Greenhouse Job Board Token

If you know your Greenhouse Job Board URL:

  1. If you know the URL for your company’s Greenhouse Job Board (it’s usually in the following format:, your Job Board Token is the last term in the URL.
    • For example, if your Greenhouse Job Board URL is, this means that “planted” is your Job Board Token.

If you DON’T know your Greenhouse Job Board URL:

  1. Head over to the Job Board page in your Greenhouse account.
  2. On the Job Board page, you can see whether your Job Board is Live. If so, click under Actions and then click Developer Settings.



     3. This opens up the Configure Your Job Board page, where you will find Your Board


     4. Save this Job Board Token to Planted to import information from your Greenhouse Jobs and 
         help create jobs on Planted!


Need help? 

For Greenhouse/Planted integration troubleshooting assistance, reach out to our support team during east coast business hours at or email


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